Discover The Hague

Holland city The Hague is well known for Peace Palace, the seat of the International court of justice. But the third largest Dutch city offers much more. North sea coastline with sandy beaches, many amazing museums, long history with historic districts, beautiful parks for a bike ride or just a walk in the nature to take a break from the hustle …

I have been home for a month now. For six months I lived in The Hague, where I was working as au pair. Experiencing a new culture, new people, new life, a new city is always interesting. And I had a chance to do it.

The Hague is a multicultural city. You can meet people from all over the world, who have been living here for many years. That’s why English is not a problem. I once met a nice old local lady in the museum, she was over 80 – years old. We started talking … in English! Wooow! And I admit, because of that I learned just a few Dutch words.

My first trip was to the seaside. Nothing is more beautiful then wide sandy beaches. I was lucky that September was warm and sunny. Scheveningen beach is a famous seaside resort with attractions and beach pavilions. You take a walk down the boulevard and discover bars, restaurant, shops. Or just take a barefoot walk down the beach. It does feel amazing when water touches your feet and breeze touches your face. Don’t forget to collect some shells. And the most beautiful thing is a long pier with the Ferris wheel. You can also »climb« on nearest »hill« and enjoy the gorgeous view.


On the other side of The Hague is Westduinpark and is one of the largest nature reserves in the city. Offers many hiking and cycling path with a highly diverse landscape. I choose the worst day to visit it because it was windy as crazy. Really crazy wind. But I stayed there for few hours because is it simply gorgeous. And if you are lucky you can also see the Scottish Highland cow. Well, I wasn’t.


The Hague offers a lot of amazing museums. My favorite one was Louwman museum, where you can see over hundred and fifty cars with an amazing history that comes along. Each car has its own special story behind it.


And how to do all the trip around the city. With a bike, of course. I had an old purple bike with flowers, but the oldest the better. It is the easiest way to explore the city and the best way. The landscape is flat and your old bike can get you anywhere. But also, the whole country has perfect public transport. This is what I really like about Holland. With tram, bus or train … you can get where ever you want, easily.



Experience more of The Hague with photos I took during all my wonderful trips.

Peace Palace, the seat of the International Court of Justice. On the left side is also Visitors Centre, where you can see the exhibition and films about the history of Peace Palace. And it’s free.
Noordeinde Palace is the working palace for King Willem-Alexander.
Beautiful park Malieveld close to the Central station.
Malieveld park, where you can take a long walk or bike ride.
Malieveld park, where you can see deer in the animal filed.




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